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  • Interstellar



    Love is the one thing we're capable of perceiving that transcends dimensions of time and space.

    Yesterday i rewatched Interstellar after having seen it only once 2 years ago and i have to say that while i still enjoyed it a lot, it wasn't as good as i remember. Interstellar has many things about it that are extremely memorable and fantastic, such the beautiful emotional scenes between Cooper and his two kids or the ending. Another fantastic thing about it…

  • American Psycho

    American Psycho


    I think their undisputed masterpiece is "HiP To Be Square", a song so catchy most people don't listen to the lyrics. But they should it's not just about the pleasures of conformity and the importance of trends, it's also a personal statement about the bans itself. Hey Paul! Aaaagh!

    Yeah this movie is brilliant. This is not meant to be taken seriously, this is definitely a black comedy. I don't get how Christian Bale didn't get an Oscar for his…