Shockproof ★★★½

A film about the crossroads of financial desperation and horniness leading to very poor impulse control.

I honestly don’t think the title refers to anything legit in the story. In 1949 it was a high-tech buzzy marketing term used in Timex watch ads (later dialed back to “shock resistant”)

I’m finally starting to see the difference between “down and out” and “Sam Fuller down and out.”

There’s not a ton of chemistry between Griff and Jenny which is whacky considering the actors were married in real life. That would explain why the scenes where there was domestic tension between them seemed the most believable - they were divorced a year after shooting wrapped.

But there’s a real film here and the story, especially, holds up remarkably well for contemporary audience with only an occasional wince. Until the very end which was ridiculous and obviously pasted on by somebody named Not Fuller.

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