Black Christmas

Black Christmas ½

Director Sophia Takal worked extensively to make this vision of "Black Christmas" as feminist as she could, stating in an interview, "I wanted to make a movie where instead of feeling objectified or watched from a distance, the audience felt seen."

After reading that piece of trivia on IMDb, it all became clear, well sorta. This movie wasn't for me. Although, it is advertised as a ''remake'' of the original 1974 movie of the same name and it is a horror movie. And I absolutely love horror movies! But after the first 15 minutes the movie didn't show any sign of direction it was going. This whole movie is a mystery on its own. What was the production like? What was the vision behind this?

And it got me thinking; who was the actual target audience for this movie? Woman? Horror buffs? Fans of the original Black Christmas? I have no fucking clue. And the fact that it's rated PG-13, made it more difficult to understand the mess that was this movie.

The movie was also boring as fuck. The direction felt incompetent. The writing was atrocious. And the acting was so over the top, even Lynn Shaye would've had a laugh out of this. I am shocked at how terrible this turned out. It has got to be one of the, if not the, biggest mis calculation made by a major movie studio. You had the opportunity to make something cool and entertaining. But eventually, it's a giant social message with a little movie attached to it.

Look, I've got nothing against feminists, at all. But this movie was so busy with it's social commentary and throwing a message in our faces, it also forgot to be an entertaining horror movie as well. Hell, this isn't even a horror movie, it's a documentary...

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