Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad ★★★★

jai courtney carries around a stuffed pink unicorn this entire movie and that is one of the funniest things ever.

it's obviously not as good as Batman v. Superman, but Suicide Squad still manages to be an entertaining movie despite some glaring flaws. first off, Margot Robbie is excellent as Harley Quinn, and if the movie was terrible, she would have carried the entire movie. Margot perfectly embodies the psychotic but endearing personality of Quinn, and is quite possibly the best Harley Quinn ever portrayed on screen. Will Smith basically plays Will Smith, but he plays a good Will Smith, unlike his last few movies. Jared Leto is fine as The Joker, I wish I could elaborate more, but his presence on-screen is very short, so it's hard to compare him to oter performances as The Joker. Jai Courtney is just the best. hopefully this movie makes more people like him. the only necessarily bad performance comes from Cara Delevigne, who spends almost the entirety of the movie writhing around and screaming. 

the action scenes are tolerable; they're not as slick as the action scenes from BvS, but they definitely encapsulate the gritty vibe the movie is going for. the army of faceless bad guys that the main characters have to face are kind of weak, and the main villain is just decent. the main villain doesn't even seem like that bad of a threat up until the end, which feels like a bit of a letdown.

David Ayer did a very good job directing, even though it's obvious that a lot was cut out. my main problem with the movie came from the editing at the beginning, it felt sloppy and almost like it was trying too hard to seem cool. 

the movie is awesome, however. everyone of the actors has great chemistry with each other, and the romance between The Joker and Harley Quinn is amazing to finally see on-screen. the soundtrack is pretty dope, sampling everything from Kanye West to Creedence Clearwater Revival. i'm very thankful that the version of Bohemian Rhaspody used in this movie was the original Queen one instead of the Panic at the Disco version, even though I have no problem with that one. i don't remember hearing Purple Lamborghini in this, which is a bit of a letdown, but at least it's on the soundtrack.

everyone of the jokes hit, and the tension feels real in most scenes, for this movie is not afraid to kill off people if it needs to. the finale was very rewarding, and it left a good feeling without having a backdoor scene setting up for a sequel like so many blockbusters do nowadays (Jason Bourne, the Mission Impossible series, etc.)
overall, while it might not be an enjoyable movie for many, as shown by how critics and audiences received it, I had a blast with Suicide Squad, and I think that the DC Cinematic Universe has a bright future ahead. in a summer with so many boring blockbusters, it's nice to have a movie like Suicide Squad.

one last thing I wanted to point out, yes, Spirit in the Sky was used in this movie, however, it was not used in Guardians of the Galaxy, despite what many people think. it's on the soundtrack, but it's never used in the actual movie.

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