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  • The Man Who Sold His Skin

    The Man Who Sold His Skin

    If good art inspires healthy conversations, then it’s safe to call The Man Who Sold His Skin a great film. This surprise Oscar nominee for Best International Feature—Tunisia’s first gong—should get people talking. It’s a smart and snappy take on the zany commodification of the human body. Directed and written by Kaouther Ben Hania (the first Muslim woman ever nominated in this category), The Man Who Sold His Skin provocatively fuses two seemingly disparate worlds. It joins the fast-paced and…

  • Moffie


    The word moffie loosely translates to faggot. The disgusting slur rolls an effeminate pair of effs in a gay-bashing slap. The Afrikaans word has a particular sting in Moffie, a stunningly potent film set in 1981 South Africa. Director Oliver Hermanus boldly looks at his country’s apartheid years through the era’s compulsory military service. Each time the word “moffie” punctuates the soundtrack, it stings—and soldiers in the film say it a lot. Moffie observes a young white recruit, Nicholas (Kai…

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  • The Dig

    The Dig

    Carey Mulligan’s Oscar campaign for Promising Young Woman really should include screeners for The Dig. She is electrifying in one film and nearly drab in the other. This might sound like insult, but it’s really an observation of her range. After witnessing her sprightly and sexy hand at black comedy as Cassie, one would hardly recognize Mulligan with her dowdy and subdued work as Edith Pretty. The Dig makes Mulligan’s work in Promising Young Woman all the more laudable while…

  • The Little Things

    The Little Things

    For those wishing for a spiritual sequel to the underrated 1998 film Fallen, The Little Things is a wish granted. The film feels designed for fans of ’90s potboilers like Seven, which is less surprising once you know the script was written around the same period. (Hancock wrote the script in 1993.) Unfortunately, a script born of that decade doesn’t account for the ways that cop procedurals have and needed to change. Denzel Washington won an Academy Award playing a…