Disintegration Loops

Shot during the 2020 quarantine, Disintegration Loops recounts the making of William Basinski’s acclaimed 9/11-era ambient music records. Director David Wexler’s brisk documentary looks at an artist, his creative process, and the reception to his masterwork, The Disintegration Loops.

If you’re unfamiliar with the ambient music genre, it’s a style that emphasizes atmosphere and tone over varying patterns. It often lacks intricate beats and melodies; instead favouring rich, soothing sounds meant to wash over listeners and evoke a sense of calm.

Today William Basinski is an ambient music legend. In the late ‘90s, he was just another struggling New York City artist. After the 9/11 attacks ravaged the city, music became his safe space. Basinski poured his soul into a series of wistful compositions that listeners would celebrate as an ambient music masterpiece years later.

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