That Shelf’s Definitive Top 10 Films of 2020

The writers at That Shelf are a passionate bunch when it comes to movies.

We debated the merits of hundreds of films to come up with our top 100 films of the decade list, championing films, performances, and directors and arguing why – or why not -– a particular title should make the final cut (You can see our top 100 picks here).

But when it comes to the 10 best movies of 2020, we resorted to science, wizardry and good old fashioned math to come up with That Shelf’s definitive top 10 of 2020. Using a weighted ballot, contributors cast their votes to come up with an overall list that we, the movie-loving writers of That Shelf, deem the cream of the crop.... in the case of ties, that means 12 excellent films made the final cut.

See our full list and reasons why these movies made the cut here: