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  • Ikiru



    Ikiru started off weaker than most other Kurosawa movies I had seen for me. All the other movies of his sort of captured me after the very first frame. That isn't the case with Ikiru. It takes its time to establish its brilliance. For me that was after a conversation in a bar. After that conversation, it becomes something else altogether. It becomes the meditative look on the meaning and of one's mortality like it was advertised, and by the…

  • The Bad Sleep Well

    The Bad Sleep Well


    Enjoyed it a bit more than everybody else. I saw a lot of reviews about how it loses steam somewhere in the third act, and I definitely agree with that. Somewhere around the 40 minutes-to-go mark, the film's screenplay becomes a bit distracted and loose. By the end of the film though, it ends brilliantly by tying up all the loose ends. For me, everything until that 40 minutes-to-go mark was one of my favorite first and second acts ever…

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  • Moothon



    Film No: 1100
    100th Gangster Film 👏

    Even Anurag Kashyap talked a lot about how Malayalam cinema is the place to be and the only reason why he isn't going there is because of the fact he doesn't know the language. I think we forget to understand the facts behind that statement. Moothon and Jallikattu played at international film festivals alongside stuff such as Jojo Rabbit. Another film called Chola played at the Venice Film Festival. Indrans, a normal comedian/character…

  • Soorarai Pottru

    Soorarai Pottru


    As a biopic, it isn't impressive but as a mainstream Tamil movie starring one of the biggest names in the industry, it works beautifully. Honestly, this should be the minimum standard to expect in our mainstream cinema. There aren't any huge masala moments catering to the star or any songs or scenes catering to the "masses", but at the same time the story and writing isn't extraordinary.

    Take the idea of the film's villain, a CEO of an existing airlines…