The Apartment ★★★★½

The Apartment builds slowly. It doesn't start off like something worth the ratings in the very beginning, but in the last 30 minutes the film just bowls you over with some really beautiful moments of love and romance. In these moments it's just impossible to not fall in love with Jack Lemmon's performance as CC Baxter.

From the very start he effortlessly does the role of the common man, but in that last moments we get really wholesome moments of romance, unrequited love and just plain goodness from him. It's the kind of role that a Tom Hanks would have got and done in the 90s or the 00s. I loved Jack Lemmon in Glengarry Glen Ross but this is a different kind of role and movie. There are moments where he just wrenches your heart out beautifully. The beauty of these scenes are in how subtle they are.

Easily one of my favorite romantic films of all time. The initial build also warrants itself by the very end.