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This review may contain spoilers.

A scientist, an artist, and a priest walk into a bar . . . then they walk out of it three hours later, having accomplished nothing.

In some ways, “Stalker” is easier to follow than “Solaris” . . . in some ways. The plot is much more of a classic quest, the three characters are easier to identify as respective components of the human experience (namely science, art, and religion), and the black-and-white to colour transitions are reminiscent of the Wizard of Oz, rather than seemingly occurring at random. But the classic quest has no seen dangers and ends without a real conclusion. The three characters never come up with a satisfactory answer for which of their components is the best, or even which are valuable. And then there’s that long sepia section that takes place underwater in the middle.

So, yeah, easy is a relative term.

My three first-watch takes are 1) nature outlasts and transcends all the constructs of man, 2) people miss the spirituality of the mundane every-day in search of the flashy holy grails, and 3) we are creatures of wants that we cannot control with logic or compassion. Further viewings will have to bring out more, as I am almost 100 % sure that there is more in there, waiting to be found. But, for the moment, I am very pleased with my two forays into Tarkovsky’s filmography.

P.S. Three men walk down the road, all believing that one of them is Jesus. Furthermore, they are all certain that they, themselves, are Jesus. Truth is, none of them are.

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