A Star Is Born ★★★★½


Needed a day or so to think about this film before making any comments. A difficult review   & definitely not a ground breaking film because it’s been done before. I certainly found the story a little boring in places. A little tacky 

Ultimately it’s the great music 🎸 🎶 and songs that bring this new version a great feeling of wanting more. I can generally appreciate this film a lot more now after playing the soundtrack on Spotify all day in the car. From the opening rocky guitar song by Bradley Cooper “Black Eyes” to the closing sad anthem “I’ll never Love Again” by Lady Gaga  will be played at funerals forever now. This is a classic film soundtrack. Thought I’d be cringing about Bradley Cooper he is excellent with his music and Gaga is just an icon of music already.

Bradley Cooper really is great as the doomed alcoholic music superstar. He must have had Sam Elliott’s voice coach. Mumbles his way through the whole story. 

Lady Gaga possibly may get an Nomination for an Oscar. She is terrific 

Sam Elliott is back in form. Forgot about him that deep resonate voice. He could be a supporting Actor nomination. Would love it 

Ultimately for me the film is 4 stars
Music and album 5 star classic.

A destined classic,

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