• Vampire Call Girls

    Vampire Call Girls

    to everette hartsoe's credit, during the 12 hour long scene where he makes a woman lick a banana like it's a penis he pauses in the middle to essentially say "yes, this is incredibly stupid, but it's my movie." while i respect his candor it is nonetheless absolutely one of those things where i'm like jesus straight men need help, it's a banana grow up!!! however it's harmless and i didn't hate the movie lol if a lady with huge fake knockers wants to get paid to grind on a dweeb thats her right imo!!

  • Alien Autopsy

    Alien Autopsy

    some of u call yourselves cinnamonphiles and yet you've never watched a 90-120m alien abduction fetish film where debbie d or pamela sutch gets probed, electrocuted, or wrapped in plastic by a guy wearing a party city alien costume. smh

  • The Party at Kitty and Stud's

    The Party at Kitty and Stud's

    it's a lot of nude gyrating & grinding which is honestly standard for this shit and yes of course it's notable for seeing a pre-fame sylvester stallone completely in the buff balls and alls and i get why people need to sate their curiosity on this matter! i really do! and if that's not your cup of tea i think you could also look beyond those things because there's this truly insane painting of a ripped cyclops with a huge cock…

  • Sugar Cookies

    Sugar Cookies

    absolutely incredible psychosexual drama, mary woronov the goat!!!

  • The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies!!?
  • She-Devils on Wheels
  • I Sold My Soul to Satan

    I Sold My Soul to Satan

    when the cool rocker guy w/ stringy dyed hair & tattoos is selected via craigslist ad to do an ordinary ritual sacrifice had his blood drawn to give to satan the nurse gave him a sticker and he gave her a hug! he seems very nice! there is a woman who runs an occult store in LA who has the same exact energy and cadence as the xtian lady who thinks monster energy drinks are a tool of the devil which…

  • The Plastic Dome of Norma Jean

    The Plastic Dome of Norma Jean

    truly distressing to think about the amount of films and filmmakers whose films have receded into the outer edges of our cultural memory basically never before seen until now, for the lucky ones?? i was just reading about ms juleen in the 1973 written/1975 pubbed book women who make movies and it's absolutely riddled with films that basically do not exist because no one gives a shit about them and/or they're not accessible. not sure if this has been restored…

  • Reflections on a Crime

    Reflections on a Crime

    mimi rogers saying "i was just gonna be another notch on his penis" instead of bedpost is so foul? i don't get how she was in so many of these vaguely erotic 90s movies. please don't get me wrong this one isn't really erotic it's a pretty straightforward drama about a woman on death row for murdering her husband but she's definitely in some that are much more sexual than this. there IS like a little tiny squirt of erotic…

  • Midnight Tease II

    Midnight Tease II

    eagle eyed viewers will notice jim wynorski (credited as "drunk at bar") salivating in the strip club truly having the time of his life paying a woman to jiggle in his face before it cuts to the gals in the back saying "god what a bunch of trolls!" the guy from fatal expressions in this also as a male artiste so i suppose u could say that is an accidental squeakquel. i think that guy's a real estate agent with his wife now good for him because acting clearly didn't pan out!

  • Midnight Tease

    Midnight Tease

    an erotic thriller about a childhood incest survivor turned stripper? ok i'll bite! there are these kinda great nightmare sequences where she dreams about killing her abusive dead dad peppered in between mostly artless strip scenes (theres one near the end where a different lady strips to a little secretary routine that's kinda fun lol but it's nothing like all of the incredible sequences in stripped to kill!!!) + truly repulsive sex scenes w/ a guy playing her psychiatrist who…

  • Deadbolt


    one of my last days at work one of my fav coworkers out of nowhere goes "do you like single white female? you seem like the type" which is such a high compliment and i'm glad everything about who i am as a person screams this to others. i am just reflecting on this today as i watch deadbolt, a truly incredible TVM ripoff of SWF starring adam baldwin as the psycho swf!!! i like that someone somewhere took the…