Possessor ★★★★½

Carrying some of the most formative and original scenes in some years, Possessor is a totally arresting, mind-blowing encounter, nothing like anything you've ever seen of its ilk, in its vein, from its tradition or by its contemporaries. There is a such a sensitive, instinctive and utterly specific equilibrium stricken by Possessor. It's utterly unnerving and utterly sad, it's as tense as it is inescapable, it's simultaneously ugly and chic. Possessor is a stark, grisly, brilliant, disturbingly attractive film, uncompromisingly married to its own contrivances and driven never to free us of its voyeurism and collusion. A thread of painstaking deliberation laces each detail, sound and moment into a stunningly immersive filigree of manifold implications that wash over us before we can unravel them. Then there's more to unravel.