Possessor ★★★½

"Pull me out."

what does it truly mean to have control over your life? to not only be in control, but to FEEL in control?

to me, Possessor clearly captures the feeling of losing control in your life, your actions being rendered meaningless leaving you suffocated, in a very visceral and effective way. that area between the reality we see, feel, and hear around us and where our thoughts and consciousness truly lie. I really liked the way this film does not over-rely on dark, saturated colors and only uses them, like the red you see in the poster, when necessary to create that visceral impact and dark atmosphere that was integral to my enjoyment.

while the film's plot is not really anything special, the execution and use of visuals really pulled me in as well as how the plot is used as a beacon into the main character. I do think that once the film's plot and character focus shifts in the second act and we get this really excellent, thrilling moment, it kind of fizzles off for a bit after and loses its focus. I did like the film's climax, and the note it ended on is definitely something that will stick with me, even if it didn't necessarily blow me away or leave me with an idea I hadn't seen done before. it's a cool movie though, even with its faults, and an experience I won't soon forget.

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