Suicide Squad

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

I think this review is for you, SilentDawn, Arielrocks5, Evan, and the people who saw it and villains out there. Be on a lookout for MAJOR SPOILERS along the way. You've been warned!

Listen! I went into Suicide Squad with very high expectations flowing through my veins because it was my Number 6 Most Anticipated Film of the Entire Year and was thinking, "I do think this will deliver the promise I was hoping for." But then, I actually walked out in shock and this gif will prove my accurate feelings when I was watching the movie: Click here

WHAT THE FUCK? The first 30 minutes to an hour was a straight-up music video filled with hip hop, pop, and classic rock hard music from the current and golden-age generations. As soon as I heard the very first song from this thing that they called it a "soundtrack", I was laughing my ass off and feeling angry of how bad that decision really was. I mean when was the last time that pop music actually worked in a superhero movie? One simple answer: When Cherry Bomb was playing during Guardians of the Galaxy and it fucking worked. But here, there is no real reason on why David Ayer would use current music as a productive soundtrack from the very first place. At one point, I was cringing in my seat because of how annoying it got throughout the first half of the movie.

So, what is the plot to Suicide Squad? Well, here we go. The film is about a top secret government agency that is led by Amanda Waller played by Viola Davis who was great in the movie by the way. She recruits a team of imprisoned super-villains that we as fanboys and girls loved in the past to complete lethal Black Ops missions while also trying to save the world from a huge threat. If one of the teammates died during the mission, the rest of the team will be exchanged for leaner sentences in prison.

That sounds like a great concept for an anticipated film in the summer movie season, but when you have a lazy script to begin with and you don't make the movie even better, there's something wrong here. And this is where my first major issue with Suicide Squad comes to play: "the script to the movie." The story-telling felt so convoluted and uninteresting to the point where I was whispering to myself, "Please get better!" because I really want the rest of the film to be more superior than the first 30 minutes. But unfortunately, the film progressively gets worse and worse and worse.

Now, before I dive into more negatives of the film, I want to quickly talk about some of the positives that I dug up. I assure you that I have quite a few more cons. Let's talk about Jared Leto playing the one and only the Joker. Now, in terms of giving a strong performance here, I thought that he did a well-rounded job playing the Joker. But, my biggest issue with his character is that he had nothing to work with because he had minimum screen time for about 8 minutes. I'm not kidding. He was like nowhere else. The marketing for the film kept his performance under a dirty little secret as this big thing for the film and I felt like the Joker was wasted. For my money, I'll take Heath Ledger and Mark Hamill as the Joker any day. Enough said!

The film also features Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn and Will Smith as Dead-shot. Out of those two characters, Dead-shot had the most to do in the movie because he delivered an intriguing backstory and how the film set him up. On the other hand, you have Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn who was also really good when it comes to embodying the character really well. I would like to see what she can do in the near future. Unfortunately, most of the supporting characters feel thinly written and I really didn't care about any of them except their flashbacks.

Now, let's talk about more cons for Suicide Squad. UGH! If you think this review sounds like a rant that I'm hating on Suicide Squad, just wait until I unleash the major spoiler of the film: Enchantress, the main antagonist. I have one question to ask you guys. Does Enchantress pull off a great villain? One answer:


I SHIT YOU GUYS NOT! She's without question one of the worst villains I've ever seen going down in a superhero movie in my entire life. The way they represented her is a comedy and the way she acts is a comedy. Until I reached the finale of the film, she was literally dancing around making the weirdest expressions you can possibly see in a movie like Suicide Squad. In addition, there were so many aspects of the climatic battle that reminded me of Fant4stic. IT WAS THAT BAD!!!!! I really couldn't tell what was going on in the background during the finale. If David Ayer could've thrown in some emotional weight to it, the finale could've been so much more believable. I still consider the Battle for NYC from The Avengers as a superhero finale masterpiece because those action sequences served a major purpose why Loki wants to rule the world by unleashing his army upon America. But, in Suicide Squad, there was no real reason why Enchantress wants to unleash her destruction in our hands.

Another thing I love to mention in my review is the fact that the editing is all over the place. In the beginning, it was trying to be a 1 hour music video, but it failed, while the remaining portions was taking itself way too serious for it's own good. To add on top of that, the directing was so choppy that at one point, I was thinking if Zack Snyder could've made it better. Here's the thing though! Even though Batman v. Superman got worse and worse the more I think about it, Suicide Squad made me realize why we already got past Fant4stic, Batman & Robin, and Superman IV.

The final thing I want to talk about that I think a lot of people might not agree with me on is the movie's color pattern. It looked so gray, and washed out that it's kinda depressing to look at. Suicide Squad should've been vivid in color and more action-packed like what Dead-pool was, but it was just so dull, bland, and tiresome to look at to the point where I wanted to feel asleep as I choke myself on my buttery popcorn and I didn't want to see the end of Suicide Squad. Also, the movie was 2 hours long, but it felt like a lot longer than that.

So, here are my final flickin' thoughts on Suicide Squad! Even though the film contained so much talent from the cast and had so much potential to become a fun & entertaining summer movie, but all of these problems I mentioned made Suicide Squad not only one of the worst films of the year, it was also one of the most disappointing films I've ever witnessed in my movie-going life. All of that hype I had since I saw the trailers were dropped dramatically due to the paper-thin characters, sloppy directing, and chopping editing.

This statement I'm about to make is gonna break my superhero guts:
Suicide Squad is a colossal fuckin' disappointment!

Grade: D-

DC, I hope you'll redeem yourselves with the solo Wonder Woman movie next year! Otherwise, I'm going to remember you for these two disasters of 2016. Please don't make me do that!

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