Uncut Gems

Uncut Gems ★★★★★

At a breathless pace, with a driving score and under the constant threat of lurking creditors and their violent "Heavys", we rush through the Diamond District of New York with the constantly calling, arguing and organizing Howard and only find peace during a Passover festival, before going to the sweaty finale.
The already remarkably fast-paced predecessor film by the Safdie brothers "Good Times" seems like a finger exercise for "Uncut Gems" and Adam Sandler shows after "Punch Drunk Love" that he can be a really strong actor if he wants - and the right directors has. Sandler completely disappears behind his role and lets us cheer with a character that you can hardly find a likeable aspect.
Holy Fuck !!! Sandler. Stress. Diamonds. Authenticity. Chaos. Force. Pain. Ingenuity. And above all: the SAFDIES! A real pearl, a ruby, an opal, whatever - a cinematic gem. So the name fits. A direct classic that not every mainstream gaze or even ordinary Sandler fan will like, but which is without a doubt one of the most important, special, intense, captivating, in short: best films of recent years. Please more of that, Mr. Sandler. Nuff said. Look. Feel. Enjoy. Breathe.

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