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  • Cherry



    Had the pleasure of screening Cherry last night, and wow, what a film. An artistic triumph for all involved, Anthony & Joe Russo’s direction shines along with a revelatory career-best performance from Tom Holland, resulting in an award-worthy film that is sure to be Apple’s first true contender!

    *Note. This was from an FYC screening so no embargo was mentioned. I have kept it simple nonetheless and expect a full review closer to release!*

  • Dante: A Replication

    Dante: A Replication

    WATCH IT HERE (Don't spoil the twist for others!)
    (3min, 2020)

    I was told I "wasn't good enough" to create something like this, but I decided I wasn't going to take excuses and shot my first short film isolated in Quarantine, with only an iPhone and no equipment at my disposal. Despite my limitations, I persevered and worked hard to complete it, and am proud to present this sci-fi horror thriller short it it's final form.

    The following is a…

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  • Locked Down

    Locked Down


    The cinematic equivalent of the word “meh”. A bland rom-com that turns into a self-indulgent cameo-fest and an unnatural and half-baked heist ending that added nothing but false hope that left me disappointed.

  • First Light

    First Light


    Jonathan Glazer is the only director who can direct paint drying and still make it engaging.

    Yes, I rewatched this twice in a day. Fight me.

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  • WandaVision



    Wandavision announces a new era of bold storytelling for the next phase of the MCU. Mixing a variety of styles to create an puzzle-box narrative with easter eggs and more questions than answers, it sets the stage for an exciting venture into Marvel’s most ambitious work yet!


  • Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

    Borat Subsequent Moviefilm


    Can't speak on this film yet as its embargoed, but since Letterboxd is a smaller social media platform, I'm going to write a scene by scene breakdown of everything going on in the film below...

    (scroll down a bit more to see it)


    (cant wait for all of you to see it though!)