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    The playful carefree world of a low-rent sitcom are torn
    apart when a pig-faced killer begins carving at the
    cake, revealing darker painful angst beneath.

    This really felt like the back in the early days of
    YouTube when you took a wrong turn and uncovered
    some unknowing artist sharing themselves just
    because they felt like it...you know, before the tube
    became just another TV channel.

    It has that wild anything goes, fuck the rules feel to it
    and that makes for a hilarious, exciting watch which
    also leaves you with much to ponder like...what just

  • Who Dares Wins

    Who Dares Wins

    I'm really unsure who dared, or who won.

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  • Pretend That You Love Me

    Pretend That You Love Me


    Pretend That You Love Me (2020) - Joel Haver

    Joel attempts to find a romantic connection while in the development of his next film, all the while dealing with his health and other personal issues.

    It's almost impossible to review this without spoiling it. It's a meta-study of grief, and longing delivered with real felt humour and playful storytelling which can knock you on your ass at the drop of a hat and leave you broken.

    A phenomenal study of the human heart.


    #joelhaver #pretendthatyouloveme #folkfilmmaking #indiefilm #SupportIndieFilm #thedonttellshow

  • The Last Day of Childhood

    The Last Day of Childhood


    The Last Day of Childhood - Mridul Chibber (2021)

    For a kick off, any film that opens with Perfume Genius has got
    my attention, and my heart, and this one gets to keep it.

    We've all seen films about growing up, about hitting the crest of
    that adolescent hill...but how may have we seen made by
    someone going through it. Not a glamourised nostalgic look at
    it, or one that finds reason or rhyme in those confusing times
    but one…