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  • The Dreaming

    The Dreaming

    listening to kate bush sets my lesbianism into stone

  • God's Own Country

    God's Own Country


    im sobbing so hard rn....... i love to see gays win i love to see regular domesticity where everything works out in the end i love to see real emotions and people work through those emotions and i love to see vulnerability where one person needs their soulmate, practically, to complete them

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  • Moxie


    ive read the book of the same title, and it was a cute book. i blew threw it in a day because it's a very light read, but i wonder how bad (or cute, not good, cute) the movie will be, if they stay accurate to the novel

  • Can't Buy Me Love

    Can't Buy Me Love


    yes!!!!! i love cheesy 80s movies!!!! i dont care what anyone says!!!! they’re never good but i dont care!!!!!