Cowboy Bebop ★★★★★

I’ve been struggling for a while trying to find the words to say about this show, as it’s radically different from everything I’m used to watching and reviewing. I don’t necessarily watch 26 episode long episodic series about bounty hunters in space and their adventures with women; kids; and pets, but I sat down and binged this in 2 days and left feeling like a different person than when I walked in.

The first few episodes were just sort of fun adventures in space where Spike and Jet just sort of roam around making new friends trying to catch criminals to get money, sort of wandering around aimlessly through life just trying to get by eating bell peppers and beef without the beef. Soon more people and pets join their gang, all with unique personalities and storylines and arcs that work so well in the format.

That is what I think this show does best. It gives you these 5 characters and gets you so attached to them and gives them all a satisfying arc while not overpowering other parts of the show. Even if you’re a little weary in the beginning (I wasn’t a huge fan of Ed in the start), by the end you love them and care for them as if they’re your own friends.

Another great aspect is the music. As some of you know I like to call myself a music whore even though my Listnd account is very dry, but I absolutely adored the soundtrack. The opening song? Banger. The ending? Banger. Everything played during each episode? Fucking banger. Everything about the music just works so well and adds so much to what’s happening and I love it.

If you haven’t watched it, or you’re weary about getting into anime or anything, definitely seek this out. It’s only 26 episodes and each one is like 23 minutes long so it’s not too long and it’s super accessible. I’m so glad people pushed me to watch this because this is easily one of my new favorite TV shows of all time.

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