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  • Def by Temptation

    Def by Temptation


    Yeah... I don't know what there is to say but unfortunately this 1990 Argento-esque Blaxploitation horror wasn't quite as appealing as it sounded to me. There was some beatifully haunting cinematography and lighting which brings films like "SUSPIRIA" and "INFERNO" to mind. Though the way the religious themes are applied isn't exactly subtle but still quite compelling- I am a bit of a sucker for an obvious genre flick. I think my largest qualm that prevents these tantalising elements for…

  • The Star Wars Holiday Special

    The Star Wars Holiday Special

    "Better than The Beatles."
    Frank Zappa, on The Shaggs.

    When I first saw Star Wars I was roughly three or four and of course, way too young to comprehend it. But I soaked in the iconography like a sponge; Darth Vader was a scary guy, Spaceships were cool, so on and so on. But from that point on I started to realise couldn't walk to the bathroom without seeing it's influence spread everywhere. Which I loved at the time, as…

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  • Under the Volcano

    Under the Volcano


    I have a terrible fear of missing out. Sometimes, you know, it just hits me that the world is like, super fucking gigantic and I'm a fraction of that so small that I couldn't even begin to quantify it. Sometimes it hits me that I'll see less than 99% of what the world has to offer. Yeah, it's kind of irrational- there's absolutley nothing I can do about it but it's still a fear I have, and a great one.…

  • The Day of the Jackal

    The Day of the Jackal


    The late '60s and early '70s were a fascinating time for the thriller genre.; before now, the cinemas had been conquered by Hitchcocks and Wellses, making films the 'Old Hollywood' way and all of the actors spoke in those 'Old Hollywood' accents and those films were set to those 'Old Hollywood' scores. Then, out of the blue, these kids come into the scene; Martin Scorsese, Robert Downey, Dennis Hopper, etcetera, etcetera. Cinema of the past becomes Old Hollywood and the…