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  • Nomadland



    Double feature with My Blueberry Nights: women traveling through America and hanging out with David Strathairn. 

    For someone who has been a successful actor in Hollywood for over 35 years, Frances McDormand makes for a pretty convincing human being.

  • Jimi Could Have Fallen from the Sky

    Jimi Could Have Fallen from the Sky


    “No known blues songs have been composed on the subject of doughnuts.”

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  • Wonder Woman 1984

    Wonder Woman 1984


    It’s probably exacerbated by the poor quality of the screener, but this is one of the ugliest looking movies I’ve ever seen. A beige, plastic, weightless nothing about how how wishing for things to be better is bad and we just need to accept them the way they are because the status quo is the truth.

  • Jupiter Ascending

    Jupiter Ascending


    I don't know what to make of a world that rejects this and adores every Marvel movie. Things don't make sense to me.