Favorite films

  • Suspiria
  • Lady Bird
  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire

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  • Mamma Mia!


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  • Monsters University


  • Little Miss Sunshine


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  • Monsters University

    Monsters University


    moving out for uni in 5 days so can’t wait to mask the anxiety by pretending that i’m walking around monsters university campus instead and learning how to scream at kids

  • Cruella



    “ they girlbossified cruella 🙄 ”

    okay?? and the costume design was *insanely* cool as well. so when are you gonna get onto the criticisms?

    (like ye it’s threaded together by somewhat tacky moments and loads of flaws but i just can’t get over how tasteful at least the fashion was??? the references??? hello???)

Popular reviews

  • Luca



    a story of childhood friends yearning to escape from disapproval to a world of acceptance and freedom, delicately laced with queer subtext? ma’am this is literally the song seven by taylor swift but with italian fish boys

  • Shiva Baby

    Shiva Baby


    she’s so anti-girlboss that it ends up being very girlboss. the great cycle of girlbossification