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  • Querelle



    While watching Querelle, it's hard not to think that Fassbinder sees at least a little bit of himself within the titular character. (The plot, the story of a bisexual libertine who spends the majority of the film committing acts of debauchery and developing a small cult of dedicated friends and lover, may as well be the Fassbinder life story.)

    While not intended to be his final film -- Fassbinder was negotiating with Columbia Pictures to remake the 1947 Joan Crawford…

  • Lancelot of the Lake

    Lancelot of the Lake


    A weirdly baroque film from a filmmaker typically known for his asceticism.

    The first Bresson I've seen that isn't an out-and-out masterpiece, though it's arguably the most important film in his oeuvre. The transition point between Bresson's early spiritualism to his late-period nihilism, his Camelot is a land abandoned by God -- a land where men die for causes that ultimately prove themselves to be moot.

    This may be Bresson's most visceral film in terms of its sheer brutality. His…

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  • Nomadland



    No <3

    2/5. (We live in a Nomadland.)

  • The Thing

    The Thing


    Hell is not the pernicious frost or the inevitable destruction of the body, but the people who exterminate all rational thought.

    A mean little bugger of a film that remains a whopper almost forty years after its initial release. Brutal stuff.

    5/5. (I don't want to spend the rest of the winter tied to this FUCKING COUCH!)

    [Theatrical Screening.]

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  • Badlands



    Truman Capote's Swiss Family Robinson.

    4.5/5. (Obsessed with the way Martin Sheen says Ko-re-ah.)

    [As an aside, Warren Oates fucking dunks in this one.]

  • Shorts


    The power this thing has... unmatched.