Rent-A-Pal ★★★★½

This one flew under my radar. But so so glad I finally checked it out, as its definitely a fave from 2020. Rent-A-Pal is incredible. It really felt like 1990 in the best genuine way possible without shoving it down your throat. We spend so much time getting to know our lead David (played brilliantly by Brian Landis Folkins) that I emphasized with him and felt genuinely sad by the end. You almost understand why he does the things he does. Such a tragic and genuine performance, I almost forgot he was acting. The pay off in the last act, was totally worth the repetitive slow burn. But I appreciated the entire ride start to finish. It honestly sucked me into David's world.

Also, who knew Wil Wheaton could be so damn likeable? I totally wanted to be his friend too!

If you haven't yet, check this one out!