Before Sunset ★★★★½

Memories are Wonderful Things.
Before Sunset asks "What could've been..?"
In 2004, in a bookstore, Jesse and Celine meet again and reminisce around Paris, finally answering questions from 9 years earlier.
Continuing the realistic look at love, life, and relationships we find that they have both independently matured whilst still holding on to their past. Just like the previous film, there's a beautiful awkwardness in their conversation as they find out what happened 6 months after Vienna but they quickly revert back into their old comfortable selves as their feelings begin to resurface.
Richard Linklater, as well as the cast, have helped these characters evolve, both being affected and shaped by the events of the first film. As the conversation turns to confrontation, the film culminates in a brilliantly ambiguous ending.
Before Sunset naturally progresses these characters show that life has a funny way of working out.

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