Men in Black: International

Men in Black: International ★★★

Meh in Black.
For a film that has no real reason to exist, Men in Black International managed to keep me entertained but failed to leave any lasting impact or really get any laughs.
For a film that was marketed as international, it felt like it didn’t make the most of its globetrotting setting, feeling like 90% of the film was shot on a sound stage.
The two leads hot off the heels of Thor: Ragnarok had good chemistry but it took a while to finally click but it was Nanjiani’s side character that got any laughs from the whole audience.
The narrative just let the side down with this. The lack of a central villain really hurt the structure and it may win the least surprising plot twist of the year. Every set piece felt detached and unfocused which left me feeling unengaged in what was going on.
I don’t regret watching it but I doubt I’ll see it again any time soon. Left me wondering what the scrapped MIB: Jump Street project would have been like.
Not terrible - just boring, which is arguably worse.

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