Deadpool 2

Deadpool 2 ★★★★

love, love, love this. ryan reynolds is back with his foul mouth and tight red suit again, this time accompanied by the godfather of action david leitch and boyyyyyy do they deliver. I'm a fan of the first deadpool and this instalment takes everything i loved from it and not only masters it but also adds a whole new layer of heart to it and personally, i thought that was perfect. the jokes are more outrageous, the action is more brutal, the plot is more adventurous, the character development is really, really good, the soundtrack is godly, and josh brolin is fucking RIPPED, sorry i went a little off course there but holy shit dude. sure, the cgi is unpolished, it borrows plot elements from other films (which it's self aware of) and its a lot more convoluted than its predecessor but if im judging it as a comedy, which it is in case you forgot, it excels in all departments and everything else i loved was just a cherry on top. i just really hope it has the rewatch value its predecessor didn't. fingers crossed.

also.... possibly the best mid-credits scene of all time. fuck i love ryan reynolds.

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