Uncle Yanco ★★★★½

”The sea is the element of love.”

Beloved arthouse short by Agnes Varda (both Mubi and Criterion have the rights to the film) that encapsulates the “Free Love” movement during Agnes’s stay in California with her husband, Jacques Demy. Throughout the film Agnes uses her French New Wave tactics and editing styles against the San Francisco backdrop to make for some truly stunning visuals, all while using her Uncle (technically her second cousin) as a surrogate of sorts to talk about the immigrant experience coming to America. Yanco gives some very wise words throughout the film such as, “To the eye that is pure, the world is transparent”. I also found it interesting that he has a fascination with the City of Jerusalem, painting the city in a variety of colors but yet the same image over and over. 4.5/5

Watched on the Criterion Channel

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