Fade to Black

Fade to Black ★★★★

Have you ever been told that you watch too many movies? Has someone ever suggested that you stop dwelling in fantasy and start "living in the real world"? If so--and honestly, let's face it, if you're on Letterboxd often--you must relate to the perpetually obsessed movie fan protagonist of Fade to Black, Eric Binford (on some level, at least).

Eric, like many of us, spends much of his free time basking in the shimmering glow of moving celluloid. To him, the larger-than-life stories he witnesses are vastly more interesting than anything his mundane life could conjure up. It's this belief that compels him to want to become the characters he so fondly cherishes. When life sets him down a path framed by hopelessness, he gives into his wishes as and this remarkably timely tale excels for it.

Despite playing a deeply troubled young man clutching onto his escapist addiction much more than he ever should, the criminally overlooked Dennis Christopher still manages to make Eric a cute, charming, sympathetic, sad, and ever-amusing character. Christopher absolutely embodies the film nerd flawlessly and the movie is resoundingly better for it.

Fade to Black is a grimly funny and insanely watchable flick that horror and movie fans in general can find lots to appreciate about. I loved this and am going to be clamoring for a most-deserved remastered blu-ray release until it finally arrives.

Finding out about this gem's existence on here is emblematic of one of the reasons why Letterboxd is such a great platform: I can't imagine having come across this if I hadn't seen it listed on here. Here's to you, Letterboxd. Thanks for giving the under-appreciated films of yesteryear the spotlight they so richly deserve.

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