My fourth watch.
Watched for Tarkovsky's birthday! (Yes, that's the only relevant holiday today.)

Man, this hit so hard today, I cried quite a lot. Probably my favorite experience with the film since my first viewing, which is itself an experience I value a lot.

It wasn't the first Tarkovsky I saw (it was the fifth), but it was the first where I felt like an official, valid fan of his work (for a lack of better words). I felt that I really understood this film in a way that made his whole filmography click as something that meant a lot to me rather than something I was just discovering. I'd loved all the films of his I'd seen before this one, but it pushed that into a territory where his work felt like something that was partially mine in the same way it belonged to other avid Tarkovsky fans, if that makes sense.

Rewatching all of his films (usually for the podcast, though today was just for kicks) has made for such a profoundly rewarding few months. Really, I'm so glad I've gotten around to seeing them all again as it's been a nice reminder of how much they mean to me. What a perfect, gorgeous filmography.

Also, can we start counting this as a superhero movie? Because it kind of is? This is my superhero movie! Erland Josephson is my Uncle Ben! "One drop plus one drop makes a bigger drop, not two" is my "with great power comes great responsibility"!

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