• One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

    One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest


    Introduced my Son to this absolute classic. Nicholson is on top form here, but the supporting cast are pure gold too (even those that have little or no dialogue).

    Just a brilliant movie which goes through a whole gamut of emotions and has a central character that is so great to watch despite the crimes that he has committed in the past, (and would surely continue to commit if allowed out into society).

    The way he is able to enrich the other patients lives is heart-warming, although there is ultimately tragedy on the horizon for some of those involved.

  • Tomb Raider

    Tomb Raider


    I rather enjoyed this. Great action scenes, nice use of London locations early on, and strong performances from Vikander, McNulty and Goggins.
    Yes, it's a bit daft, but who cares!

  • Ghostbusters II

    Ghostbusters II


    Fond memories of this and had lots of fun watching it again for the umpteenth time The many that hate it? I guess, just don't watch it again? That will probably work quite well for you if you're one of those people.

    I've said this before, but what really stands out for me here is Peter MacNichol as Janosh. A character that in my younger days, I did find a bit annoying, but now I absolutely revel in his ridiculous…

  • In the Navy

    In the Navy


    I enjoyed this slightly more than Buck Privates, but this might be because I'd learnt from that experience and fast forwarded the majority of the songs (particularly those involving the Andrews Sisters).

    The dialogue/bits between Abbott and Costello are great, with highlights including some rather suspect maths, a rigged magic trick and an attempt to use a hammock.

  • Dr. No

    Dr. No


    Prince Charles Cinema - 3.15pm - Seats D7 & D8

    Lovely to see Dr. No. up on the big screen in its 60th Birthday year.

    Yes, some of it is terribly dated, and some of it is a tad ridiculous; but Connery is the epitome of 60s cool and the movie never fails to put a huge grin on my face. My Son loves it too. It's one of his favourite Bond films.

  • The Border

    The Border


    I'd seen this in the mid to late nineties when I'd really got in Nicholson movies and I'd made sure that I'd seen them all. I don't think I've seen it since.

    Sadly, it wasn't long into The Border when I realised why. Yes, Nicholson is good, but the film itself is pretty dull. Not even a turn from Warren Oates in one of his last performances could lift it for me.

  • Batman



    Received the 4K for Christmas and have been rather giddy in anticipation of giving it a spin. Whilst there is certainly more detail to see, I wasn't completely blown away by the upgrade. The sound however was impressive and there is a fantastic three part documentary on the disc.
    Suffice to say, the movie itself remains an absolute classic.

  • Cinema Paradiso

    Cinema Paradiso


    It is pretty disgraceful that I've never seen this before; but there you have it.

    Regardless, Cinema Paradiso is an absolute treat and a must see for lovers of cinema, or in fact for anyone for that matter. I don't want to put any cynics etc. off by saying that it's moving and heart-warming; but it certainly is, with that ending being a total doozy.

  • Shiva Baby

    Shiva Baby


    One of those wonderful movies which is uncomfortable to watch, yet you can't take your eyes off the screen. The cast and the script have a lot to do with this I think, but there's a sense of claustrophobia brought on by the direction and the music. The music I at first felt didn't fit, but as the movie progressed I realised that it was contributing to making me squirm as things just got even more tense.

    All that said, it's also a rather amusing movie and it's certainly an achievement that it manages to achieve this balance so brilliantly, particularly for a debut feature.

  • Five Easy Pieces

    Five Easy Pieces


    I'm a huge fan of Nicholson, yet I have never ever been able to get on with this movie. I thought that maybe as I'm a tad older than when I first attempted it in about 1995/6 (I've attempted it few times since then too), that I might finally gel with it. Noooo.

    Nicholson is very good in it, and he's a joy to watch as always - Two of those stars for him and the half is for the amusement at seeing Gibb's Dad/Pa Walton; but I still just don't care for the film one little bit.

  • Another Round

    Another Round


    Such a great movie, with a very strong central performance from Mads Mikkelsen. Is he ever not superb?

    The movie expertly tells the story of how the initial benefits of a small amount of alcohol, can so easily roll into it taking hold of your entire life.

    An enthralling movie from start to finish.

  • Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon

    Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon


    I'd planned to work through all the Basil Rathbone Sherlock Holmes movies, but after just three, I've decided to knock that on the head.

    They're not terrible, they're just rather similar and I just can't be bothered. You don't get that time back!!