Favorite films

  • Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind
  • Blade Runner
  • Aguirre, the Wrath of God
  • Mad Max: Fury Road

Recent activity

  • Shogun Assassin


  • Safe


  • Super Mario Bros.


  • Space Truckers


Recent reviews

  • Shogun Assassin

    Shogun Assassin


    Action centric re-edit of the first two Lone Wolf And Cub films that took the western world by storm upon its controversial release in the early 1980s. Despite the occasionally poor dubbing and the rushed and somewhat incomplete narrative; the movie is still extraordinarily enjoyable with its splatter brutality, the addition of a moody synth score and the stoic charisma of its chubby lead and his adorable cub.

  • Safe



    Fast paced, hard hitting action crime thriller with some stand out action scenes and anchored by Statham’s innate ability to have electric chemistry with just about anyone he shares a scene with - shame about his attempt at an American accent, then.

Popular reviews

  • The Thing

    The Thing


    Incomparable practical effects aside: The Thing is also a taught, impeccably crafted claustrophobic nightmare with a huge cast of likeable characters, beautiful cinematography and a haunting, influential score. Horror perfection.

  • Nemesis



    Stupendous, operatic gun battles and fantastic low budget effects mean Nemesis is the absolute apotheosis of low budget, post Robocop sci fi action. With a streamlined plot, a cast bursting with fun character actors and no expense spared on its location hopping excess the movie is gleeful OTT shlock.