Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter ★★

As expected from a Paul W.S. Anderson joint with Milla Jovovich. Deeply mediocre and completely uninspired. I have never played the Monster Hunter games, but I can only imagine that they carry 100x more imagination than this dull piece of shit.

Flat, forgettable characters, a mix of decent and bad CGI and action that is edited to absolute hell. It's more or less exactly like Anderson's abysmal take on the Resident Evil franchise, but with giant monsters instead of zombies. At least those Resident Evil films had some fun gore though.

Milla Jovovich does fine in a role she can sleepwalk through at this point, the female action hero utterly lacking any kind of development or character that's surrounded by a series of faceless supporting characters.

I did appreciate how silly this got at times. Ron Pearlman shows up with a character that looks so just fucking absurd I couldn't believe it. It was just about the only thing memorable here, aside from the surprisingly decent score.

I expected more fun from a military vs giant monsters film, but with Anderson at the helm, there's very little here to recommend. I'm quite thankful this bombed, as I'm sure it would have led to 5 more films had it been released not during the pandemic.

One of the laziest and cheapest endings I've seen in quite some time too. On par with Resident Evil: The Final Chapter in terms of setting up a sequel. Pathetic. Would buy the 4K on sale though.

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