Scarface ★★★★★

Film 383 of my 2015 500 Film Challenge

It may have been slated by critics on its initial release due to the excessive violence, swearing and length. I don't want to sound childish, but these critics are whiny little pussies.

Scarface is a powerhouse production from the get go. A 3 hour engrossing crime-epic about the rise and fall of Tony Montana. Led by Al Pacino's fully commited and engaging performance that demanded attention and awards, this is easily his best performance of his long career.

Brian De Palma directs this story with such grit and violence that it is incredible. Tony's excessive and insane lifestyle kinda reminded me of The Wolf of Wall Street, but with a lot more violence. While the character of Tony is an utter scumbag and a criminal, you still root for him in his journey to the top.

The soundtrack is beautifully 80's from the gorgeous score by Girgio Morodee to the clubbing music in the nightclubs, it is all masterful. That isn't evening mention 'Push it to the Limit' the song used in the montage, it's a montage song that puts any of Rocky's songs to shame.

Scarface is a classic that should have recognised as so from its very release day, an engrossing rise and fall crime epic.

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