Ready Player One ★★½

Ready Player One - 5.5/10

There's a fantastic set piece about half way through that is the clear highlight of this film. Up until that, I was really struggling to get into it. The plot is generic and flimsy, the leads are bland and uninteresting and the action is often quite messy.

It wasn't quite the pop culture reference onslaught that I feared. All the nods and references are really well handled and they don't rub too many of them in your face, for the most part.

It's a real shame what they've done to Ben Mendelsohn in this film. He is reduced to a paint by numbers villain that is as generic as his poorly placed password. I really hope BM isn't becoming 'generic villain for hire' as he is capable of playing characters with so much more depth than this.

It was good to see Mark Rylance get lost in a role like this. I'd have liked to have seen more of his character. The same can't be said for Simon Pegg who struggles with his American accent and comes across as miscast.

The plot is just way too predictable, even for a Spielberg film. Tye Sheridan fails to develop any kind of chemistry with his co-stars and puts in the most bland performance of any protagonist since Aaron Taylor-Johnson in Godzilla (2014). You know the film just isn't working when you find yourself rooting for the bad guys.

At times it was like watching computer game cut scenes and I just felt detached.

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