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JP Fournier is one of the two hosts of the movie podcast, The Movie Jerks. "Learning to love the movies you hate... or hate them more."

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  • Chills Down Your Spine

    Chills Down Your Spine


    Wow. Comedy/horror anthology has the gull to run 2 hours and 49 mins and make jokes in the middle about how they don't care about reviewers complaining about the run time. Reviewers won't complain about the runtime if there is content and quality within the set time, however this anthology is more misses than hits. Often stories feel they drag on too long within the first 5 minutes.
    I did enjoyed the animated short, although the animation was very minimalistic,…

  • Contract to Kill

    Contract to Kill

    If you are a villain, terrorist, or a drunk at a bar and Steven Seagal is sitting comfortably in a chair... watch out!!!
    Seagal delivers a lot of dialogue in this film and sometimes his delivery suddenly slows down in the middle of a sentence, as if he's talking through a belch.
    Also, does Seagal have a stunt double for some of his standing scenes? Multiple times we see his back while standing or walking, more than usual films would choose to show the back of their lead.
    Lazy, lazy, action.
    This film is terrible but good for a few unintentional laughs.

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  • Possessor


    Brandon Cronenberg has certainly delivered something more sadistic and darker than his father’s past works. However, like his father, he still offers a feature with incredible imagination, believable characters, and a thought-provoking tale, and not to forget, some exceptionally nasty body horror.

    “Possessor” brings us into the works of an assassin, Tasya Vos, who can possess and control people’s bodies to terminate some high-profile targets. When she gets trapped inside the mind of one assignment, her reality and sense of…

  • The Lodge

    The Lodge

    I can see "The Lodge" becoming a very divisive film. There is going to be people that will disconnect from the film by over analyzing what they deem is plausible. There will also be people comparing it to "Hereditary" because of the view from a doll house. Then there will be people that will appreciate the language of film and recognize the strength of the directing. And others who will notice the connection to "Hereditary" yet be satisfied by the…