Doors ★★★

Review by Ren Zelen

Portal comprises of a trio of sci-fi shorts from the crew behind the V/H/S horror films. Creator/producer Chris White and creative director Saman Kesh teamed up with directors Jeff Desom and Dugan O'Neal to film three segments, each offering a different perspective on the same story.

Released in the US as 'Doors' but renamed Portal for the UK, the three short films examine the experience of contact with a particularly cryptic alien entity. The story begins when, without any warning, a million giant doors, covered in what look like pulsating, sentient iron-filings, appear all over the Earth.

Some of those that encounter these animate doors feel drawn to them. They hear beckoning voices and when they get in close proximity they are sucked inside and disappear. By contrast, those unaffected stay behind to try to unravel the mystery of what the portals are and what their purpose on Earth might be. More...