Northwood Pie ★★★½

Northwood Pie is a fairly generic but still entertaining coming of age story. While there are some hallmarks of a debut like an over reliance on music to fill out the sound design and a main character who is less interesting than the supporting cast these are overcome by a charming environment and scenes set in a pizza parlor which are genuinely funny.

There’s also no denying that as I am a twenty year old something guy this does reflect an outlook and sense of humor I’m somewhat familiar with and can easily connect to. It also never tries to present an outlook foreign to that demographic which certainly adds to its genericness. 

I have a soft spot for films like this because I can see the rough edges and the heart that went into the production. It’s a charming entry into independent filmmaking and has technical competency to boot. While nothing new to the wider cinematic landscape it is an achievement for the cast and crew and I’d be curious to see where they go from here.

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