Heat ★★★★½

I’m gonna try to start doing more “sophisticated” and “serious” reviews instead of just shitty one-liners.

Like the characters in the movie themselves state “Don't let yourself get attached to anything you are not willing to walk out on in 30 seconds flat if you feel the heat around the corner” it is clear and obvious that this rule applies to both Neil (played by De Niro) and Vincent (played by Pacino) the movie obviously doesn’t hide this. Both men are absorbed with their line of work. They aren’t doing it to support a family. They do it for themselves. Because it drives them. Both have people. But in the end they end up abandoning those loved ones because they cant take the heat. This film is a perfect story of cops and robbers. Heads and tails if you will. Except its one of those rare occasions where they blur the line between the two, and that is something i always love to get out of a film. Yes this movie may seem like a run of the mill, blockbuster money maker, where there should be no substance and just all machine gun firing, but what this movie says is bold. The final shot might be my favorite part of this film. By this point these men are latched onto each other. One of them needed to spill blood for the heat to go away. The way Vincent holds Neil”s hand at the end is really chilling, and it reminds us that they really are the same person. They just picked different sides.