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  • Moon Man

    Moon Man


    ...my tender heart shed tears of straw-hewn gold for this masterpiece of aching whimsy..

    It’s been quite a long while since this ancient soul has experienced something so magnificently beautiful

    Moon Man is the all the best parts of my non-cathartic childhood dreamstates, crammed tastefully into an hour & a half of unsullied, multicoloured euphoria

    Perfection.  Shamefully underrated & ignored.  I don’t trust anyone who has anything negative to say about this ode to graceful, moonlit innocence, but I would sincerely hope…

  • Dead Mountaineer's Hotel

    Dead Mountaineer's Hotel

    👽 👾 ❄️ 💎 🏔 🏨😵🤖 🇪🇪 


    Precious Gems:  youtube.com/playlist?list=PLisdJB3rytzKtafcITeKqaTdn7p5KmoN6

    Precious Gems:  boxd.it/4B0pm

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