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  • Soylent Green

    Soylent Green


    Soylent Green feels pretty dated in the acting, which is especially obvious during Detective Thorn's numerous squabbles against the Government agents seeking to take him down for 'knowing too much'. However the themes still seem pretty relevant today, regarding pollution, overpopulation and the dramatic rich/poor divide - in this sense it does seem ahead of its time. Finding out about the truth of the "soylent green" is basically common knowledge by the time it's revealed, however it's still an effective end to the film. I was not blown away but it was enjoyable still.

  • Wall


    touched on some interesting views around the topic but damn the animation was fucking ugly - not even ugly in one way but inconsistently ugly in several different ways out of laziness (apparently it took 7 years to make aswell lol). david hare, who's journey you follow meeting people from both sides of the Israel-Palestine conflict, comes across like such an unlikable posh man and his narration throughout was difficult to sit through. watched at the leeds palestine film festival but didn't stay for his Q and A; determined to go and see a better film while the programme is still on. what a shame