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  • Framing Britney Spears

    Framing Britney Spears


    Pretty sure if it was 2021 and Britney Spears shaved her head or smashed a paparazzi’s car with an umbrella we’d scream hell yes queen 👑 so in that way I’m glad society has advanced.

    This was a really insightful and sobering look at the way the media treated pop stars in the 2000s. Not even that long ago but it feels like a period piece. Kind of a must watch.

  • I Care a Lot

    I Care a Lot


    It has a lot of “whoa” and “what a badass ha” but why would you expect me to be invested in a movie where the lead character is both unlikable and also not an interesting person?

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  • I'm Thinking of Ending Things

    I'm Thinking of Ending Things


    All I have for you is a word. Janitor. It’ll open the right doors. Some of the wrong ones, too.

  • Pan's Labyrinth

    Pan's Labyrinth


    I would have turned around the second I saw that big fuck frog