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  • Superman



    Boom! That intro music hit me like a hurricane and in an instant I was transported back to the very first time I saw this movie. The very first movie I ever saw at 'The Pictures' with my Dad.

    He was a busy guy and always doing what he could for us. At the time, we really didn't get to see very much of him what with work and one thing and another, so having him all to myself (while…

  • The Father

    The Father


    "I feel as if I'm losing all my leaves."

    As we journey through life, we experience many things. Family, love, hope, loss, and as we get older the reality of our own mortality starts to become clearer. Life is not forever. It's only a small blip in the universe, but it's all we have.

    For those out there that have witnessed dementia first hand, it's a hard thing to relive. Ron was a great friend of mine. Someone that I…

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  • Drishyam



    Having watched the Hindi remake a few months ago, I'll just point this review over there as it turns out this is a shot-for-shot copy, with what I thought was a slightly less engaging cast.

    It's still pretty jazzy though.

    A decent film, but given the choice I'd go for the 2015 version.

  • The Devil's Advocate

    The Devil's Advocate


    HORRORx52 challenge, by kynky
    7. 1990's

    A film of two halves, with too many plot-lines and ideas crammed into an overly long runtime to keep the story intriguing. Basically 115 minutes of yawn and 30 minutes of woo-hoo!

    Two main problems:

    Keanu Reeves is entirely wrong for this part... not scary, tough or forceful enough to be believable as killer attorney, hubby of the uber-Theron or a match for Pacino's character. And that bloody accent... I'm not sure what it…

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  • Doctor Sleep

    Doctor Sleep


    HORRORx52 challenge, by kynky
    1. Most popular horror on your watchlist.

    I was worried where this was heading for a minute there, but am so pleased they didn't go for a straight-up The Shining 2.0 rehash of its Daddy. This is more elaborate than that, and though a little tricky to follow in places is a solid psychological horror with a subtle mix of vibrantly coloured moments and the blackest of black moods.

    With visceral vaping vampires that suck the…

  • Children of Men

    Children of Men


    The year is 2027, and childbirth is a thing of the past. With a rapidly ageing global population it's only a matter of time before the human race is no more. The race is on to save humanity.

    Clive Owen is brilliant in this and plays a well constructed image of an ex-activist who has a job critical to the survival of our species. I remember seeing him in the early days of his career as fresh-faced Stephen Crane in…