Double Patty

Double Patty ★★★★★

I don't think there are words that could express how much this film means to me and how it made me feel. but if I could think of one I think it's the word "beautiful". it was simply beautiful, from the direction to the cinematography and soundtrack and of course bae joohyun. she had such a great presence it made me feel like I was with hzr in that korean burger place, enjoying my time and discovering wonderful flavors and of course myself. The cinematography and landscape was so pretty, I had to pause in each scene just to admire it, whether it's bae joohyun's face, her hands while cooking or simply the view of the beautiful restaurant and wonderful korean scenery. The soundtrack made my heart feel so heavy and light at the same time, it made me both happy and sad, especially bae joohyun's song in which she delivered a raw piece that she personally wrote that reflected all the emotions in the film, from love at first burger, self discovery and broken hearts. What made me love the film even more is how it wasn't different than what I had anticipated and did the trailer justice. once again let me just say that Bae Joohyun delivered a breathtaking performance in simple acts like effortlessly cooking perfect burgers to her portraying the beautiful journey of experimenting in the art of cooking. I hope the academy won't pay this film dust because it deserves all the awards. once again thank you so much Bae Joohyun for helping me overcome difficult times and discover myself through this film.