Doctor Sleep

Doctor Sleep ★★★★½

“Well, hi there.”

For years, the prospect of a sequel to either Stanley Kubrick or Stephen King’s The Shining was at most a frivolous notion, and at least a threat. Not only did I never think it would happen, I never imagined that if it did, we’d get a film as worthy as Mike Flanagan’s Doctor Sleep. 

What an astounding achievement on all fronts. From the smart callbacks, to the uncanny recasting of the original cast, this is next-level Dread Cinema from start to finish. Not only the best horror film of 2019 but one of the best regardless of genre. Everyone here is doing great work from McGregor’s tortured Dan Torrance to Rebecca Ferguson’s brutal turn as Rose The Hat. A supremely threatening presence who herself might just be in over her head. 

Not to get into spoilers but the final act of this thing blew my mind. Everything just looks and feels exactly as it should and when that classic music creeps in it invokes a major “Oh Shit” vibe that permeates the rest of the picture.

Flanagan is the real deal and so is Doctor Sleep. It might be a masterpiece?!

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