Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad ★★½

Suicide Squad isn't bad but it kind of just happens. 

For all the "hype," The Joker isn't given much to do, and what he does isn't all that interesting. At all. A wasted opportunity and Leto is by far my least favorite onscreen Joker. As far Margot Robbie? She's fine. Other than some bizarre fiddling with her origin, this is certainly Harley Quinn. 

As for the plot? Lame villain is lame. Just another CGI mess with boring powers we've all seen before. 

Everything with Will Smith's Deadshot however, works really well. From his Father/Daughter dynamic to his brash attitude, he's a one of the only characters who leaves a lasting impression. Will Smith and Jai Courtney are highlights in this overall pedestrian affair. Along with Smith, Courtney is the second best part of this. His character serves no real purpose but at least he's fun and looks like he's having a good time. Strange that Suicide Squad of all films is the first time Courtney has really impressed me.

Worth a watch if only for Smith, Courtney, Batman, and Viola Davis. Davis in particular proves she can swing with the best of them.

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