2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey ★★★

Finally got to revisit a Kubrick film without any boobies. My dad always taught me to give credit when credit is due so I’ll start off with that. This is no doubt the film that inspired and brought new ideas to the future Sci-Fi films we see today and I’m sure we’ll see more that uses this film’s formula in some ways or another. This is also one of the best visually stunning movies I still have seen as well as the production in this thing. I have to add that this film also has one of the most threatening AI’s to date. When HAL 9000 starts singing when his voice starts distorting is one of the most frightening sounds I ever heard. With all that said, what makes Kubrick’s craft so legendary and what makes him so talented is what also makes his films hard to get through in my opinion. He has something here, a mesmerizing story underneath that great mind of his but he just gotta shove his greatness in my dumb face and loves to rub it in. Even though I know and most of you all know that it’s a story about man vs man and man creating tools that kills man and so on but even after that there are some major gray areas and Kubrick has admitted to this. I just don’t understand to drag out a almost three hour movie for such a simple message. So, I was craving coffee and this scene was taking forever to finish so I literally made me cup of coffee and I came back and that same scene was still going. I think my girlfriend said it best, she said; “I’d rather see the making of this movie than the whole movie of itself.” - Couldn’t agree more. I do admit though, I had a good time watching the visual spectacle of it all.

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