25th Hour

25th Hour ★★★½

“You'll miss your friends, you'll miss your dog, but you're strong. You got your mother's backbone in you, you're strong like she was.“

My girlfriend wanted me to choose a movie to watch tonight so I chose a movie I haven’t seen in a long time but remembered loving it. Now I have to admit, it did lose some of it’s spark. It dragged a bit more than I remembered. This is a two hour movie but feels like a two and a half hour movie. The cast gives solid performances especially Barry Pepper but I found Rosario Dawson’s and Edward Norton’s relationship very dull. What moved me and brought me to tears from the first viewing is that ending and my goodness it still moves me. Brian Cox gives one of the best monologues in a movie that I’ve ever seen. It is perfectly matched with one of the most beautiful pieces from the soundtrack that mixes masterfully with the ending monologue. The ending is powerful and heartbreaking to say the least. I won’t ever forget it. I can’t really recommend this movie to everyone but if you give this a shot you a will see the performances, the fantastic finale and Spike Lee’s direction is enough to give this film at least one watch.

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