A Place in the Sun

A Place in the Sun ★★½

A guy falls for a rich pretty girl but his ex baby mamma is stressing him out to the point where he starts to have thoughts of murdering her and his baby inside her. 

I had a rough time with the 1st hour of this film due to the amount of melodrama displayed. I’m certain Montgomery Clift’s lines were nothing but “I love you so much”, “You have no idea how happy I am”, “I’ve been dying to hold you”, it seemed EVERY scene during that 1st hour was so cheesy and it wasn’t just Clift. The beautiful Elizabeth Taylor and Shelley Winters characters shared the same mushy lines. It wasn’t until the 2nd act when things started to get interesting. Seeing Clift going through this psychological phase contemplating about killing Winters was the best part of the film for me. The ending wraps up in such a weird way, I wasn’t sure if the film was trying to make me sympathize with him or not. 

I can see why one would enjoy this even though I didn’t. The performances are strong and the plot is intriguing but that 2nd hour couldn’t redeem the sluggish and corny 1st hour.

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